Before ice machines were invented, ice was harvested from natural sources. But, as time went on, good sources of natural ice became harder and harder to find because of pollution and sewage dumping. Problems first became evident in the brewing industry and the meatpacking and dairy industries soon followed. Ice as a refrigeration agent soon became a serious health concern.

The solution? Mechanical refrigeration and ice manufactured from local water sources. Today, ice machines range from large industrial applications filling entire warehouses to our home refrigerator with an ice dispenser in the door.

No matter what application the ice machine is in, the same basic components are necessary for proper operation, quality of ice and safeness for consumption:

  • Filtered water supply
  • Water circulation system
  • Efficiently running refrigeration system
  • Clean insulated holding bin

Each of these components require proper maintenance and service by a qualified refrigeration technician to keep your ice machine running as efficiently and as safely as possible.

Because ice is a food product, it is very important to periodically clean and sanitize the water distribution system and storage bin.   Most manufactures recommend cleaning and sanitizing ice machines every six months.

Call us to set up a time for us to clean, sanitize and tune your ice machine.